Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep

Whenever I'm asked about Fanboy designs, there's always an excitement in people's voices as they hear the stories behind them. I’m going to make an effort to tell more of these stories. With that in mind let's delve into the inspiration behind Lorenzo Parente's unique design.

Before embarking on any design project, I make it a point to connect with the fighter, to truly understand their journey and aspirations. When I spoke with Lorenzo, he recounted a pivotal fight where he couldn't continue to the next round, a moment that fundamentally changed him. He shared the grueling battles he faced during the Four Nations, battles that pushed him to his limits and reshaped him mentally. Lorenzo emerged from those experiences a different fighter, one determined to take his opponents to the same mentally challenging depths he had endured – to drag them into 'deep waters.'


Listening to Lorenzo speak, I couldn't help but feel a surge of inspiration, even a shiver down my spine. The notion of 'dragging people into deep waters' was not only powerful but carried an eerie and compelling allure. For every great design, there must be a story, a narrative that captures the essence of the individual.

Lorenzo's connection to his roots also played a pivotal role in the design process. His pride in being from Edinburgh and his desire to honor his Italian heritage from Napoli were central. Research led me to discover that the Edinburgh Coat of Arms features an anchor, while the port of Napoli was the departure point for many Italian immigrants, including Lorenzo's family. This connection was both poignant and symbolic.

The anchor, beyond its geographical significance, carries deep symbolism – hope, steadfastness, calm, and composure. It represents something that keeps us grounded, connected to our core values, and enables us to navigate life's challenges. It's a reflection of the experiences Lorenzo described.

But it didn't end there; I sought a quote to encapsulate Lorenzo's character. Having met him briefly and sensing his dignified and humble demeanor, I came across the perfect phrase: 'Shallow waters are noisy, deep waters are silent.' It perfectly encapsulated Lorenzo's quiet strength and determination.

So, the next time you see Lorenzo step into the cage at Casus MMA on October 20th, remember the anchor. It symbolizes the quiet resolve, the depth of experience, and the silent power that lies beneath. Lorenzo has been to those deep waters, and now, he's here to take others down. The question is, will they resurface, and if they do, can they harness the experience? That's what Lorenzo has done, and he'll keep doing it, because “Still waters run deep."

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