Are you fighting on UFC Fight Pass?

Are you fighting on UFC Fight Pass?

UFC Fight Pass, often referred to as the "Netflix of combat sports," is available around the world, providing MMA fans with access to combat sports events and other content from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are some compelling statistics and data points  about UFC Fight Pass you can use to help convince companies to sponsor you if your scheduled to fight on a card streamed live on UFC Fight Pass. Feel free to Copy and paste and re-write these into your posts when looking for sponsors... 

Global Reach of UFC Fight Pass:
UFC Fight Pass boasts a global subscriber base of over 600,000 members.
It reaches MMA fans in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Audience Engagement on UFC Fight Pass:
On average, UFC Fight Pass streams over 40 live events per year, including UFC, Cage Warriors, and other MMA promotions.
Viewers spend an average of 4.1 hours per week consuming content on UFC Fight Pass.

Exposure Opportunities for Sponsors:
Sponsoring a fighter on a card streamed live on UFC Fight Pass offers exposure to a highly engaged global audience of MMA fans.
Brands can leverage the event's to enhance their visibility and association with the sport.

ROI Potential for Sponsors:
Studies show that sponsoring sports events and athletes can lead to a significant return on investment (ROI), with studies suggesting an average ROI of $4.10 for every dollar spent on sponsorship.
With the growing popularity of MMA and the global reach of UFC Fight Pass, sponsoring a fighter on a card presents an opportunity for brands to connect with a targeted audience and drive brand awareness and loyalty.

Brand Visibility and Recognition:
Sponsors of fighters streamed live on UFC Fight Pass receive prominent placement on fighter apparel, banners, and promotional materials, enhancing brand visibility and recognition among MMA fans

A lot of fighters looking for sponsors are also fighting on the Glasgow Cage Warriors card. So here's some headlines for fighters competing on that card and looking to entice sponsors... 

Significance of Cage Warriors Events:
Cage Warriors is Europe's leading MMA promotion and has a strong following among MMA enthusiasts.
The upcoming Cage Warriors event in Scotland marks a significant moment for Scottish MMA, being the first event held in Scotland in over a decade.
Cage Warriors events often serve as a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills and potentially transition to larger promotions like the UFC.

By sponsoring athletes scheduled to fight on a Cage Warriors card streamed live on UFC Fight Pass, companies can tap into a global audience of passionate MMA fans, leverage the significance of the event for Scottish MMA, and achieve meaningful brand exposure and ROI.

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